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Types of fences

As professional fence installers, we can guarantee any type of fencing be set up professionally and in a very timely manner. We have a few crews of very experienced installers that plan out and execute every step of the installation process. When you go with a professional crew, you can count on not having and surprises when it comes to your fence. Below we’ll go into some of the types of fencing that we offer and install the most. From wood, and aluminum to vinyl and chain link, we can install any type of fence that you may want!

Wood fencing

When you think of a fence, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a classic wooden fence, whether it be the old school picket look or the newer privacy fence look. Wood fences started back hundreds of years ago, when people started marking property lines that had to use what was around them, and what’s more common that wood? Wood is just a copious and sturdy medium, great for so many different things. Even to this day, wood fences are still extremely popular, it’s hard to drive around and NOT pass one. The relatively affordable cost and ability to be customized mean that you’re not limited to just a boring wood fence, you can spice it up however you like!

Aluminum fences

If you’re looking for a beautiful mix of affordability, versatility, and minimal maintenance, you need look no further than aluminum fencing. While aluminum is similar to steel and iron, it’s just unbeatable when it comes to versatility and even tends to be a bit cheaper on average. It comes in many different designs, shapes, sizes, and color options to fit any yard or area that needs enclosing. Getting aluminum fencing is a great long-term solution, it won’t rust meaning you won’t have to worry about cleaning or re-coating it! If anything, a simple hose down to get rid of big dirt and grime. Another great little bonus is that most of these fences are made from recycled materials, and they’re just as strong as any other metal!

Commercial fencing services

We can build physically and visually intimidating fences around whatever you may need, from an airport to a college sports field, we can handle a job of any caliber. Our high security fences are designed to keep your things in, and unwanted things out. Experience is the big difference maker here, it’s no small task to plan out and execute a large scale job, but we have years of experience behind us doing just that so you can trust us to handle the job. Chain link tends to be the most popular choice when it comes to commercial fencing, it’s long lasting, secure, and on the more affordable side. You probably actually see a chain link fence every day of your life, whether you of a neighbor has one. It’s important that you keep your things secured and safe, and fencing is a simple but vastly effective means of doing that. For more information check out fence company Raleigh professionals.

Deck building

Building a deck is large undertaking, we don’t just jump into building right away. With something like this you have to plan out the layout based on the space available to you, and from there you figure out accessories and finishes. Whether you have your dream design in mind or need help with every step, we’re here to give as many or few ideas as you want. We can make your dreams a reality! Whether you want to host parties and cook or just sit back and read your book in the sun, we can help you get the perfect deck. We can also install railings on your porch too, even in different materials like wood, aluminum, etc.

Fulfilling your fence building needs

Things like fencing may seem simple enough to do, you may even be able to do some of it on your own. But at the same time, if you want your fencing job to last you at all, you need to ensure that you’re getting a professional company to come out and do the work for you. Before anything building-wise can happen, we need to analyze your yard and just look for any potential trouble spots like areas with a lot of runoff or a weak base. If you go with a budget service, you may get fast service but you also probably won’t get the good pre-check and planning that we offer. That fence might be built faster, but it’ll come crashing down far faster than ours would. When we come out, we do all the planning we need to, and then get to work once we feel ready. Even for big jobs like a deck, we do our best to get it built and ready for you to use in a timely manner, but we’ll never sacrifice on our quality. If you need quality fencing work done anywhere, you need us.